About Us

The meaning of Harbor is a place of security and comfort or refuge. 

We provide a safe haven atmosphere that allows our residents to feel safe, protected, motivated, and driven to achieve a successful recovery,

Harbor Health provides services a restrictive environment while still having a clinical approach to our clients treatment. We work with clients in need of crisis to stabilization, the ability to function independently as well as establishing a strong support network (including family and peers).

Program Goals

At Harbor Health, our clinicians and support staff immediately identify a client’s emanent needs. We provide interventions to help in stabilization for individuals in crisis. With this approach , we’re able to help our clients in reuniting with their families and peers.

The focus at Harbor Health is to incorporate both the client and their families in changing their approach to everyday life situations through behavioral and attitudinal changes. The goal of our treatment program is that the clients and their families will have an improvement in the quality of their lives ultimately reducing dependency post treatment.

The long-term goal is to educate our clients and their families in the skills that will assist them in coping with challenges they may face in the future. The ultimate goal of Harbor health is to foster a healthy relationship with family and provide the client with the tools and resources to gain independence. We also emphasize the need/availability of aftercare support systems that are available to the families of clients as they continue their goal of sobriety, independence, and healthy family living.