Welcome To “Harbor Health” A Behavioral Health Trauma Therapy Home.

Harbor Behavioral Health & Counseling is a dual diagnosis level 2 residential treatment facility that specializes in trauma, substance abuse and mental illness.  At Harbor, we believe in our clients’ and work closely side by side to facilitate recovery and a new way of life.  We know that men and women who are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse can recover with a treatment program that is right for them. Harbor’s treatment programs has a proven track record of helping those in need.

We take pride in our rehabilitation services and the resident experience, providing more than just counseling but opportunity.  Opportunity such as…

Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Psychiatric Evaluations (contract service), Substance Abuse Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, Co-Dependency, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress management, Coping Strategies, Behavioral Issues, Vocational Rehabilitation services, Family reunification  G.E.D Prep, College Pathway, and a variety of online computer skill certificates.

Treatment with Harbor is a one stop life changer. We give each life a chance to be something other than their mental illness and/or addiction. When society says “You will never” we say “ You can do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can imagine.